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For the meticulous punters out there, having the best online slots adventure when they play Bell of Fortune online will be easy with the help of all the info on this page. You’ll need to sign-up to your VideoSlots account and Bob’s your uncle. You’ll see a button here that will take you to the the sign-up page, no worries.

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We can tell you that VideoSlots represents an online casino which can offer many high paying Play’n GO titles and Bell of Fortune is just one of them. Plus, you can also get a nice VideoSlots bonus. There’s an offer on the table we’re certain you’ll like: 11 free spins without deposit, and 150 free spins that are deposit-depended and a £10 free bonus – no deposit , as if that’s not enough, you’ll pocket the VideoSlots welcome bonus, which is 100% match of the first deposit; that could be £400.

VideoSlots Free spins

Is there anything greater than a bunch of free spins? We suppose not. A perfect way to play Bell of Fortune or any other numerously recompensating slot game. Feast your eyes on this promo offer: two VideoSlots free spins bonuses, specially made for Bell of Fortune players. You will have 11 VideoSlots free spins to make you feel at home. Luckily, Bell of Fortune free spins are a plenty. This time you will need to make a deposit to your VideoSlots account of £10. There you go, now you are a proud owner of 150 extra free spins. Before you start wondering how to acquire the bonus, we’ll tell you: click the link we placed here. Follow these guidlines to turn on this promo – it’s the right way.

VideoSlots No Deposit Bonus

There are two no deposit offers on the VideoSlots bonus list. We already covered the 11 Bell of Fortune free spins, so let’s check out the other one. With the hyperlink in this article, you’ll get your hands on £10 of extra cash thanks to the VideoSlots no deposit bonus.

VideoSlots Welcome Bonus

Do the words ‘VideoSlots Welcome Bonus’ sound like fun to you? That’s because it’s fun to play Bell of Fortune free, which is exactly what you will be doing. Expect to grab as much as £400 as a deposit match bonus which represents 100% of the deposit. The offered feature is yours only if you follow the links we gave here. All you have to do is follow the link we have embedded. With just £10 placed as a minimim deposit, you’ll be on your way to play this Play’n GO title. Surely, you are aware of the deposit match feature and the way it works – it gives you a percentage of your deposit as free money. Therefore, the more you invest, the more you’ll gain.

How to sign up with VideoSlots:

  • Step 1: Get the VideoSlots bonus by clicking on the link we provided here.
  • Step 2: Now you should make an account. Enter the required details.
  • Step 3: The third and final step is to enjoy 11 Free Spins and £10 and a a VideoSlots welcome bonus of 100% up to £400 welcome bonus after deposit.
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We hope you are searching for a Arcade-themed slot-game, because you’ve just found one, one that could become your best-loved. And if not, at least check it out ’cause there could be Fruit Machine-themed slots buff hiding inside of you. Let’s first go over the nuts and bolts in this Bell of Fortune review before we delve into more details.

  • Have you had trouble comprehending slots with multiple paylines? Think about trying a game with just one? You could say Play’n GO created this game as uncomplicated as anyone could dream.
  • The minimum bet you must place to play Bell of Fortune for real money is £0.25 per bet.
  • For sure, you can test spinning the Bell of Fortune mobile game version on your own phone.
  • The uniqueness of this slot doesn’t make it any more difficult to understand, the rules are straightforward.
  • You could get a lot from playing Bell of Fortune – the progressive Bell of Fortune Jackpot.
  • The return to player, or Bell of Fortune RTP, for short, is 87.92% to 94.12%. Don’t be troubled by the unpretentious numbers, things aren’t as gloomy as they seem. The online slots RTP will be deconstructed in the subsequent paragraph.

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Bell of Fortune Jackpot

It is quite common that there are a few online slot jackpots in Play’n GO games. The Bell of Fortune Jackpot contains the combined value of a portion of all the bets that every Bell of Fortune player has made since the last time someone has hit a jackpot. The amount of the prize depends on the size of the pot.

Once some lucky player hits the lucrative Bell of Fortune Jackpot, it goes back to the starting amount.

How to Play

Need additional info about how to play Bell of Fortune online for real money? Then this online slots review is perfect for you. This 1-line game gives out its frequent payer payouts left to right, with a minimum of 1 symbols lined up. But, before you hit spin you should think about your bet size. The controls coin size are conveniently laid out on the dashboard. Higher settings make all wins bigger. Go for it, engage the Spin button.

As slot games go, this one is pretty simple to understand. Check the step-by-step guide below if you’re unsure. If something is still not clear, you can always read the well-written rules.

Step 1: Which is better – the demo version or Bell of Fortune with real money?

You usually have to decide on the free play-test version or the proffesional real-money version, if you want to start to play Bell of Fortune online.

Step 2: Choose your credit size

Bet size in Bell of Fortune real money is freely changeable, and entirely up to you. Play’n GO gave you the chance to alter it as and when it suits you. You can set it to the minimum: £0.25, or go as high as £0.75 in a single spin. Let’s not forget that this soothing slot game has small but plentiful wins, so you can place insubstantial wagers and yet still get a reasonable return. Seeking a fast way to wager exactly as much as you want? Just click the Bet Max button.

Step 3: Spin

You aren’t able to pick your lines, ’cause you are left with a single line as the only choice. Now don’t delay with pressing the Spin control. Use the Auto Play option, if you want to take a nap. Yahoo! It’s time to party!

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As we said, this game is a virtual stroll in the the park. Just spin the reels and watch as the prizes come along. Yet, if you wish to read up on the rules first, here they are:

  • Take a look at the info section, you’ll find the paytable there that’ll explaing all about the payouts
  • Fetching the prizes is simple, just spin the reels and get 1 of a kind of any symbol
  • The catch in this game is that you must select all of the
  • Line wins get multiplied by your stake per line
  • The payment transpires from the left reels to the right reels
  • If there are multiple wins on various paylines, they will be added up
  • When you have several wins on a payline, your accound will be richer only by the one that is the highest
  • Should there be a failure on the hardware or software part, expect the payouts and wins to be cancelled and the bets to be returned to your account
  • NB: Confer with the terms and conditions of VideoSlots so as to be on familiar terms with the procedures for the management of the game rounds which are not finished. This is also valid for the time following the automatic ending of inactive play sessions

Paylines and Reels

We are most puzzled that Play’n GO created Bell of Fortune with only one line where symbols actually pay off. Really? VideoSlots users know that nowadays Fruit Machine-themed Play’n GO slots have up to 20 that can be activated. On top of that, with these small odds it seems we never score at all. So, an all-around thumbs down on this micro selection of lines.

When it comes to the number of reels, Play’n GO decided to make this exciting title with 3 reels which adequately depict its Fruit Machine theme. With the downward direction of Bell of Fortune reels, and there are 3 of them by the way, the cushy game will let you focus on wins, and wins only. By learning which figures are present in Bell of Fortune you’ll be able to instantly recognize when you’ll be getting one of those regular awards. 4 images is what you’ll find popping up in no particular order, including the slot’s wild symbol.

Top Win Symbol

Most important tile here is Strawberry, the top paying symbol. 600x stake per line is what you’re in for if you get 3 of them. You can hope to get 3 of those tiles on an active line, beacuse then the 600 times stake per line is going to be yours – or £450 should you bet £0.75 on all 1 paylines.

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Other Symbols

You should know that Strawberry pays the most. Still, it’s not the only symbol that brings prizes, Play’n GO placed some other tiles as well:

  • The Orange icon which pays 120x line stake
  • The Plum figure pays 45x of the line stake
  • If you see the Single Golden Bell icon, know that a 6x line stake multiplier is coming your way.

Special Symbols

  • The Golden Bell wild icon

Wild Symbol

You won’t have any trouble detecting the wild icon in Bell of Fortune – the tile was called Golden Bell. Any of the 4 symbols in Bell of Fortune can be substituted with the wild,. So unless a black cat crossed your path be sure you’ll win often with the Golden Bell tile. Keep in mind that the Golden Bell also serves as a trigger for the main Bell of Fortune Jackpot.

Did Play’n GO make Bell of Fortune a Video Slot?

Definitely! As a video slot, this incomplex title has quite advanced graphics and sounds in line with its Arcade theme. It is easily seen that this Play’n GO title falls into the group of visually appealing slots. Aside from all these games, there are also the classic ones with such gentle flair, and even with their moretraditional style, they still attract many players.


This 1 paylines slot has classic Vegas slots sounds that we’ve all heard before. They’re an interesting addition to the Arcade theme of this Play’n GO title, as they could really put VideoSlots punters into the winning mood. But, in case you are going for the progressive jackpot and you don care about the audio, just click on Bell of Fortune mute button and you’ll be set.

VideoSlots Secure Software

Looking for VideoSlots download? No such thing. Just go play Bell of Fortune online. Direct-play virtual casinos are much more trouble-free than the ones requiring an initial Bell of Fortune download. It saves you time and doesn’t clog up your hard disk space. Forget about Bell of Fortune download, just open an account with VideoSlots, by clicking the hyperlink beneath and go on to get the top prize in Bell of Fortune: £1200.

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Play’n GO Facts and Figures

Active since: 1997
Founder: a group of friends
Address: Industrigatan 9 Växjö, SE-352 36
Products: Casino and Bingo, Video Lottery Terminal, E-Gaming Platform, Online Gaming, Mobile Games

Questions and Answers

Got a question about Bell of Fortune? Check our section below.

What’s RTP?

The RTP – short for Return to Player – is calculated from statistical tracking of Bell of Fortune payouts over a long period of time. Expect an average of 93% to 96% in online slots that number 1 paylines.

Is Bell of Fortune RTP good or bad?

This 3-reeler seems a bit too casual, especially when it comes to its RTP, which is 94.12% – definitely not among the top paying slots.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

When you want to cash in your winnings from this Play’n GO game, the method to do so is nice and easy. The cash you win is going to go to your VideoSlots account. Then you pick the withdrawal method , it’s as easy as that. Of course, should you need any more help, you can always contact VideoSlots customer support.

Are withdrawals made with credit cards acceptable?

Credit cards from MasterCard and Visa will both work , while Paysafe Card serves as the prepaid option.

I have a Paypal account. Can I use it to make withdrawals?

No, VideoSlots Paypal withdrawal is not an option. No problem, you can use Neteller or Skrill. For the people that dislike modern online banking solutions VideoSlots has the secure and simple wire option.

Is there a possibility of playing Bell of Fortune free?

You can rest assured that you’ll be able to play Bell of Fortune free – almost entirely thanks to the 11 VideoSlots free spins . There is a link below that you can click to get to the VideoSlots no deposit bonus. Bell of Fortune is also available for fun play on the site, but that won’t bring you any cash.

Bell of Fortune App

There’s not a Bell of Fortune app. If you have to spin this elegantly crafted slot-game on an iPhone or iPad, you can still go to the VideoSlots site and play hundreds futuristic slots using your web browser. Stay far away from fake websites promising to sell the VideoSlots app!


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