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Golden Legend Review

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Read this review if you seek to play Golden Legend online in order to benefit from some great prizes. Namely, in order to get the best online slots experience, you should take a closer look at this page and the comprehensive info it provides. The starting point is creating a new VideoSlots account – you can do this by clicking on the above button.

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There are good online casinos, then there are great ones such as VideoSlots. If you want to play Golden Legend here, you can, but you can also find some Asian themed slot games you could try out. Additionally, you can enjoy a fat VideoSlots bonus that the venue so generously offers. The bonus offer is as follows: 11 free spins no deposit req.+ 150 more when you deposit and a £10 free cash, a.k.a. a no deposit bonus , and what’s more, a match for your first deposit – 100% as a VideoSlots welcome bonus that will bring you additional £400.

VideoSlots Free spins

Nothing is more fun than free spins, right? They make playing enchanting online slots like Golden Legend even more fun. The casino will offer you the VideoSlots free spins twins! You’ll be granted 11 VideoSlots free spins straight away after sign-up. The fun doesn’t stop here, because Golden Legend free spins is truly a remarkable bonus. VideoSlots will award you these only when your account receives a £10 deposit. And just like that, you now have 150 more free spins! One more detail: this bonus is reserved for players coming from this page. There are no more ways of making use of this promo at this point in time.

VideoSlots No Deposit Bonus

Luckily, the casino decided to throw in an extra no deposit VideoSlots bonus along with the 11 Golden Legend free spins. Clicking the link you see here will bring you right to a £ 10 VideoSlots no deposit bonus which can be of great help.

VideoSlots Welcome Bonus

With the VideoSlots Welcome Bonus you are able to play Golden Legend free. The first time you put up a deposit, the casino will give you a 100% bonus. This means that you could boost your account with additional £400. This offer is exclusive and available only through this page. Using it won’t be a trouble at all – just follow the link below. The minimum deposit amount, which you need to place so you could play this Play’n GO online slot, is £10. The amount of the deposit could significantly influence your game because you’ll be getting a match bonus on it.

How to sign up with VideoSlots:

  • Step 1: First and foremost, you ought to click the link you have in this article so you could activate the VideoSlots bonus.
  • Step 2: The next step is the registration. Click on the Join Now button to do that. Type in your username, password and email.
  • Step 3: Get 11 Free Spins and £10 just for signing up, and if you make a deposit you’ll get a VideoSlots welcome bonus of 100% up to £400.
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Are you ready for this awesome Asian-themed slot to become your favourite pastime? Read the game’s main features to find out why this is no run-off-the-mill Chinese-related slot. What follows are the basic characteristics of Golden Legend. Scroll further down the Golden Legend review to find all other answers to frequently asked questions.

  • It’s important how many reels the game has, and that’s the reason Play’n GO chose to map out a 5-reel concept. This standardized quantity of reels can be exceptionally advantageous, with precisely 50 paylines You will see the reason why.
  • The required minimum bet is £0.01.
  • You’ll need to start carrying you charger with you if you install the Golden Legend mobile friendly version.
  • It’s recommended that you read the rules of this slot carefully, because Play’n GO put some serious thought on making them more interesting than your basic slot.
  • Golden Legend will give you amazing prizes, so you could walk away with 1000000 coins or £400000 in cash.
  • The piece of info everyone is anxious to learn is the Golden Legend RTP. The number you are looking for is 96.5%. This is enough for it to take the spotlight. Read on to discover what makes that important in an online slot game.

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Golden Legend Jackpot

There are no online slot jackpots included in this Play’n GO game. However, to compensate for this, the the Golden Tiger symbol offers a sort of a Golden Legend jackpot, which if won, can really beef up your winnings by multiplying the line bet 1000 times. Let’s put it like this: bet the maximum amount of £100 on each spin, and you’ll win £400000. Do you still feel like the jackpot is a must-have? No? Good! Now you can focus on the game and have fun!

Playing Tips

Are you making your first steps with online slots? Read our how to play Golden Legend online for real money guide. The goal of the game is to connect at least 2, and up to the maximum of 5 alike symbols in a row from left to right. So, spin those 5 reels, but not before you decide on the bet amount. Coin size and value have controls on the dashboard. The bigger your bet, the more you stand to win! Press the Spin button to start the game.

Before you start playing, read the instructions below. The rules in this game might seem overwhelming at first glance. Slowly follow the step-by-step instructions and read the rules carefully because they were written thoughtfully for a good reason.

Step 1: Which is better – the demo version or Golden Legend with real money?

We want to help you make a choice whether to play Golden Legend online for real money or the less serious free version. To play Golden Legend with no risk of losing cash just follow the link to the VideoSlots free play page, or their equally free mobile version. But don’t forget that people win £400000 when playing the real-money game of Golden Legend.

Step 2: Pick your preferred credit amount

Your wager amount remains fully flexible for the entire time of Golden Legend real money play, allowing you to adjust it as and when you wish, depending on your gaming strategy. Go for the lowest bet of £0.01, or boost it up to £100 and don’t forget that Play’n GO game has smaller but nice and repeated payouts, meaning that you can place a smaller bet on the 5-reels and still get a good return on your wager. The player can choose to use some serious betting power in playing this cosy slot game. This fun and jazzy slot game permits you to have a good amount of control: the coin value can be anywhere from £0.01 and £0.4 per coin,with the number of coins per line ranging from 1 and 5. It’s easy to tweak your bet in Golden Legend – simply set you preferred amount using the designated Bet Max button.

Step 3: Appointing active lines

It’s high time to address the matter of paylines. The lowest number to play on is one. Opting for small line numbers will diminish your overall wager to £0.01, so will it negatively influence your winning frequency. Keeping the number of paylines at 50 is probably the best idea then. It is going to affect on your stake size, it will rise , and amount from £0.5 to £100. However, you’d have to be pretty lucky to pick only the lines you will win on. Now that that’s done with, go press the Spin key. You can also use Auto Play to spin those reels without constant clicking. Don’t hesitate – your luckiest day starts now at Golden Legend online!

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As you may have gathered, Golden Legend is a somewhat difficult 5-reeler. Nobody likes to bother with the rules, but with Golden Legend you’ll need to read them in order to become a winner. Study the rules and get to know the game:

  • The paytable measures out the payouts, it can be toggled with its icon
  • Fetching the prizes is simple, just spin the reels and get 2 of a kind of any symbol
  • You can choose to bet on one or more of the possible 50 lines
  • Only the prize-winning combos on chosen paylines are rewarded, except in case of scatter wins
  • The total cash win is deduced by multiplying the line bet with the line wins
  • Beginning from the left and going on towards the right is the orientation of the win-line winnings, yet if you land a scatter, that will pay regardless of the order
  • In the event of multiple wins on the variety of paylines, the score will be a tally up.
  • In case a payline holds multiple wins, the topmost win is going to your bankroll
  • Payline and scatter winners are lumped together
  • An error or malfunction of the gaming hardware or hardware will produce the following effect: the exact amoun of the bets placed will be reintastated back to your account, and all the wins as well as payouts will be invalid
  • Notice: Find the VideoSlots terms of use so that you’ll be aware of the procedures in cases when the game is not finished and to see how long you have before an inactive slot game turns off automatically

Reels and Paylines

When choosing the number of reels for this fine online slot, Play’n GO very carefully decided to give it 5 reels that really enhance its Chinese theme. The way the 5 reels spin in Golden Legend is the downward direction. This lets the player concentrate on nothing but winning while playing this whimsical online slot. It’d be good if you became well-acquainted with Golden Legend symbols, as by doing so you will get those frequent wins. This online slot game was given 13 symbols which drop on your screen in an arbitrary fashion, including a wild and a scatter symbol.

Golden Legend, just like any other slot game, has paylines that cover its 5 reels’ and they are in charge of the payouts. There are 50 paylines here and they will award you with £400000. Everybody knows that the best strategy in Golden Legend online is to select more, if not all the paylines. If you still want to minimize the number of lines, Play’n GO did give you the means to collect wins with the minimum of one line when you toggle the yes button. What a waste of time that would be, and would also dwarf your prizes in the otherwise lucky online slot Golden Legend. Pay attention to the direction – these 50 paylines pay left to right. You can expect them to bring you constant prizes. And with 50 lines, just imagine how much you stand to pocket.

Top Win Symbol

Can’t stop thinking about winning? Then take a close look at the game’s jackpot symbol, the Golden Tiger. Once you see 5 of these tiles line up on the screen, your bankroll will increase by 1000x your line wager. To win the £2000, you’ll need make an investment – all 50 paylines active, and£2 wagered per each of the lines.

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Standard Symbols

When it comes to this Play’n GO slot, Golden Tiger figure was given the role of the highest paying one. But, there are 13 symbols in this unpretentious slot in total:

  • The next-to-best Golden Lion and Turtle symbols that pay 500x
  • The Golden Crane, Fishes, Ace and King icons will pay 400x per line
  • In the end, you may earn a small winning with the Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 tiles – 200x line stake.

Special Symbols

  • The Golden Sycee wild symbol
  • The Red Dragon scatter mark


The wild symbol in Golden Legend is easy to spot – what you’re looking for is the Golden Sycee tile. Replacing any symbol is what the wild does in this Asian-themed video slot game. With Golden Sycee you’d have to be a real-life cooler in order to not win in the Golden Legend game!

The Red Dragon Scatter

Next on the list of the more complicated symbols in Golden Legend, is the Scatter. The scatter was given the name Red Dragon. Pay attention to the fact that the Golden Legend scatter is defined by the 50 lines in any way: it pays you the cash wherever it lands. With this compelling Red Dragon scatter you could also prompt the freespins feature. With all of these attributes that none of the 13 icon can’t have, this is the tile to pray for.

Extra Games

Let’s learn how to get the maximum out of this mind-challenging slot.

Free Spins

Golden Legend comes with a bonus game under the name Free Spins. With this feature you stand to earn cash by awarding you Golden Legend free rounds. It’s the Red Dragon symbol which is, by the way, the slot’s Scatter, it appears as to signal the commencement of the next round. These free spins can be repeated for 20 rounds .

Risk Game

This special bonus named Black or Red allows you to take a risk with what you won in Golden Legend and go home with more cash. If you choose to take a risk, select the Red or Black button. This 5-reeler will double your winnings if you can predict which one comes next. Should you make an incorrect decision, you’ll only part with the amount you wagered. However, Play’n GO put in the feature of collecting your money also, which means that yes is completely elective.

Is Golden Legend a Video Slot?

For sure! Being a video game, this sparkling game has modern graphics as well as sounds in coordination with its Asian topic. The interesting graphics Play’n GO applied here put this title undoubtedly into the video online slots category. These are different then the classic slot games that also have a large player base and bring new players daily. However, the difference is purely visual.


Too many things different? Well, the sounds of Golden Legend are the standard uninteresting, but familiar video game sounds. It’s also nice to know that this novelty slot has a mute button.

VideoSlots Download

Bad news for those searching for a VideoSlots download – it’s not 2013 anymore. Play Golden Legend online, like we all do nowadays. Online casinos which include instant-play for Play’n GO slots are a bit more expedient than the ones that require a Play’n GO release download, merely due to saving time, effort and drive space. Purge Golden Legend download from your mind, just open an account with VideoSlots, by selecting the button at the bottom and simply target winning the Golden Legend top reward: 1000000 coins which could mean up to £400000.

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Play’n GO Info

Main Address: Industrigatan 9 Växjö, SE-352 36
Operations: E-Gaming Platform, Online Gaming, Casino and Bingo, Video Lottery Terminal, Mobile Games
Founder: a group of friends
Year of establishment: 1997


Do you want to know more about VideoSlots promotions or Golden Legend strategies? Read on!

What is slot RTP?

RTP is an acronym formed from the initial letters of Return to Player, which stands for the percentage of payouts to be expected calculated by collecting statistical data of previous Golden Legend wins. For instance, a 50 paylines slot machine will average a 93% to 96% RTP.

Is Golden Legend RTP good or bad?

Golden Legend RTP that amounts to 96.5% compares favorably with other Play’n GO slots and as a consequence, it is hardly shocking that the game seems so easy to play

Withdrawal instructions

You’ve won a great deal of money and now you need to withraw it? Easy-peasy. Your VideoSlots account will hold all of the prizes you’ve won. Determine which withdrawal methods suits you best , and there you have it. In case you have some questions, just ask VideoSlots customer support for help.

Can my credit card be accepted when making a withdrawal?

Visa and MasterCard are the most common choices . The Paysafe prepaid card is supported as well.

Is using Paypal to make withdrawals an optional resort?

Currently there is no VideoSlots Paypal withdrawal option. There are other tested and safe options, for example Neteller and Skrill. For those that dislike contemporary online payment methods VideoSlots added the wire option.

Can I find a Golden Legend free play version?

Yeah, if you wish, you can play Golden Legend free courtesy of 11 no deposit free spins . Follow the hyperlink bellow to find the VideoSlots no deposit bonus. playing Golden Legend fun mode is a choice also at the casino website, if you think it’s fun to not win any money.

Golden Legend App

The Golden Legend app is not there. So, if you wish to play this game on an iPhone or Android smartphone what you need to do is go to the website of VideoSlots and try spinning countless other video games by using the browser. Be on the lookout for web sites trying to scam you out of your money by selling the VideoSlots app, those are just shoddy fakes!

The Verdict

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